Autumn Gold CTA List

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Note: Programs marked QEPs Only are only available to Qualified Eligible Clients.
Manager / CTA
Last Return
YTD Return
Min Invst
Trading Strategy
120 Capital Mgt   QEPs OnlyQGM -0.90%-26.27% $500,000Systematic / Global Macro / Diversified
Absolute Return Capital Mgt   QEPs OnlyIonic Strategy (C & P)-1.75%10.38% $500,000Multi-Strategy / Diversified
Ionic Strategy (C)-1.74%10.39% $500,000Multi-Strategy / Diversified
Ionic Strategy (P)-1.88%10.86% $500,000Multi-Strategy / Diversified
Ace Capital Mgt LLC   QEPs OnlyS&P Futures Scale0.21%-21.49% $2,000,000Scale Trading / Long Only / S&P Futures
Adalpha Asset Mgt   QEPs OnlyDiv. M-Term2.71%7.67% $1,000,000Short Term Systematic / Diversified
Div. S-Term 4.99%7.78% $1,000,000Short Term Systematic / Diversified
AG Capital Investments   QEPs OnlyGlobal Macro-8.98%-2.02% $5,000,000Discetionary / Fundamental / Diversified
AIS Capital Management   QEPs OnlyMAAP (2X - 4X)0.38%45.81% $3,000,000Discretionary Trend Follower
Algocentric Capital LLC   QEPs OnlyAlgo I (P&C)4.04%-31.74% $100,000Diversified Trend Following
Algo II7.51%69.90% $200,000Diversified Trend Following
Algo III-8.83%-1.95% $200,000Diversified Trend Following
Algorithmic Futures, Inc.   Tandem4.08%5.13% $50,000Algorithmic / Financials & Stock Indices
Alpine Trading LLC   Vail Fund Swing Trading Prg-1.10%-1.10% $200,000Fundamental / Swing / Spreads
Alternative Capital Advisors   QEPs OnlyStrategic Ag5.19%8.43% $100,000Discretionary / Ags & Livestock
Altis Partners (Jersey) Limited   QEPs OnlyAltis Enhanced Macro0.52%8.38% $100,000Global Macro Strategy
Global Futures -1.49%-1.49% $200,000Quant Macro Strategy
PureTrend -0.70%4.28% $20,000,000Trend Following
Anderson Creek   Standard Diversified3.56%14.61% $250,000Systematic / Trend Following / Diversified
Standard Diversified (P)2.69%10.72% $250,000Systematic / Trend Following / Diversified
Ansbacher Inv. Mgt   QEPs OnlyFlagship Prg-0.06%-4.09% $25,000Option Writer / Stock Indexes
AP Futures LLC   Volatility Trading3.02%-15.03% $100,000Spreads / Volatility / Stock Indices
Astute Capital Group   Pulse Program (P&C)-2.81%-16.46% $200,000Systematic / Currency & Indices
ATP Capital Mgt   Granularity Alpha7.30%11.55% $100,000Systematic / Stock Indices & Financials
Auspice Capital Advisors Ltd   QEPs OnlyDiversified-1.84%16.97% $2,000,000Trend Follower / Diversified
Cmdy Index-0.19%17.60% C$1,000,000Commodity ER Index/ Long Flat
Bensboro Advisors LLC   QEPs OnlySeasonal Spread1.07%4.40% $500,000Seasonal Futures Spreads
Blake Capital Mgt, Inc.   SRD Currencies0.00%-0.65% $100,000Pattern Recognition / Currencies
Blue Bar Futures Trading   QEPs OnlyAg1.12%2.24% $200,000Long Short Spreads / Primarily Meat
US Cmdy Diversified 1.12%2.21% $200,000Long Short Spreads / Diversified / Commodities
Bocken Trading LLC   Discretionary -3.87%7.45% $100,000Discretionary Trading
Breakout Funds LLC   QEPs OnlyManaged Program-5.01%3.93% $5,000,000Macro Discretionary with Systematic Overlay / Diversified
Brent Trading PTY Ltd   QEPs OnlyBrent Grain Seasonal Spread-3.43%-4.18% $250,000Discretionary / Spreads / Ags
Buckingham Global Adv.   Accel Equities Long/Short2.74%12.97% $100,000Systematic / Trend / S-Term / Stock Indices
SEP Program3.92%-3.12% $60,000ST / Systematic / Option Writer / E Mini
WEP1.72%-1.11% $200,000ST / Systematic / Option Writer / E Mini
Caerus Group, LLC   Oil Futures Trading Prg-1.48%-0.42% $200,000Systematic / Trend Following / Intraday / Energy
CAM-3, LLC   The Satoshi Strategy-25.67%-55.87% $2,500Fundamental/Physical Crypto/Digital Currency
Caneel Hill Capital LLC   QEPs OnlyManaged Risk 11.40%10.17% $50,000Momentum / Mean Reversion/ Pattern Recognition / Currencies & Financials
Carbide Capital Inc   Absolute Return 0.02%11.34% $200,000Disc. / Options / Broad Equity Indices
Hedge Prg-0.24%-4.19% $1,000,000Long Volatility / Indices & Financials
Cayler Capital LLC   QEPs OnlySystematic Energy -1.36%35.51% $250,000Algorithmic / Energies
Cazadores Investments   Cazadores Commodity Alpha-2.93%-11.93% $5,000,000Long Short / Market Neutral / Diversified
Certeza Asset Mgmt   QEPs OnlyMacro Vega0.16%-0.15% $1,000,000Statistical Arb / VIX
Chelton Wealth - Quanify GmbH   Non US InvestorsAlternative I2.33%8.83% €100,000Price Action / Intraday / Currencies, Gold, WTI & Indices
Balanced Compounding3.39%-1.14% €100,000Algorithmic / Intraday / Forex
Currency Alpha3.17%13.33% €100,000Supply & Demand / Currencies, Gold, WTI & Indices
Currency Overlay1.88%7.70% €250,000Supply & Demand / Currencies, Gold, WTI & Indices
Chesapeake Capital   QEPs OnlyDiversified -0.20%21.17% $5,000,000Systematic / Trend / Diversified
Diversified +-1.61%18.01% $5,000,000Long-Term Trend Following / Diversified
Claughton Capital LLC   QEPs OnlyInstitutional -2.24%7.57% $1,000,000Systematic Pattern Recognition
Coloma Capital Futures   QEPs OnlyHedged Volatility2.80%1.73% $250,000Volatility Trading in VIX Futures
Sep A/C0.70%7.48% $1,000,000Discretionary / Spread / Commodities
Conservative Concept AG   Non US Athena UI Fund0.49%3.03% €10,000Absolute Return Fund / Options
County Cork LLC   QEPs OnlyDiversified Commodity L/S (P)-0.28%4.55% $2,000,000Futures Strategies / Long Short
Macro Equity Hedge-0.10%-8.62% $1,000,000Systematic / Trend / Momentum / Diversified
RLAI Trading Prg (P)-0.34%0.05% $500,000Fundamental / Grains & Oilseeds
Covenant Capital Mgt   Hedged Equity-2.91%-28.30% $250,000Systematic / Equity / Volatility / S&P 500
Long Volatility-0.84%-2.59% $250,000Long Volatility / Long Spreads Butterflies / VIX
Short Premium -1.03%-5.59% $250,000Option Selling / Volatility / S&P 500 Options
Total Volatility Program10.29%7.31% $200,000Volatility / Stock Indices
Crescent Bay   Conservative Growth2.29%-4.54% $10,000Option Seller / Index Options
Davis Commodities LLC   QEPs OnlyAg Program0.19%6.36% $200,000Fundamental / Agricultural
Deep Field Capital AG   QEPs OnlyIntraday Convexity Capture-1.12%-5.35% $500,000Systematic / Intraday / Momentum / VIX
Intraday Crisis Alpha4.46%14.73% $1,500,000Systematic / Intraday / Momentum / Equity Index (Futures)
Systematic Volatility Arb2.11%5.23% $1,500,000Systematic / Multistrat (Arbitrage + Directional) / VIX & S&P, Equity Index Futures
Demeter Cap.   QEPs OnlyLivestock & Grain-3.13%1.69% $50,000Discretionary / Agricultural
Diamond Capital Mgt   DES3.58%-6.25% $150,000Trend Following / Trend Reversal / Premium Capture
Enhanced S&P 3.14%-6.72% $100,000Trend / Option Writing / Indexes
Ditsch Trading   Discretionary-2.74%15.16% $100,000Fundamental / Agricultural
Double Helix   Double Helix1.75%-2.60% $50,000Option Writer / Stock Index
Drury Capital, Inc.   QEPs OnlyDiversified T-Following-0.70%28.70% $10,000,000MT Trend Follower / Diversified
Multi-Strategy Program-2.42%6.66% $10,000,000Trend Following / Equity & Fixed Income Long Exposure
Dunn Capital   QEPs OnlyWMA Institutional-0.61%19.74% $25,000,000LT Trend Following / Revsersal
WMA-1.24%43.87% $10,000,000LT Trend Following / Revsersal
Dynamica Global Inv   QEPs OnlyEnergy 4.91%2.89% $500,000Medium Term / Energy
Eckhardt Trading Company   Evolution-1.00%10.69% $20,000,000Multi-Systematic Trend Follower
Eclipse Cap Mgt   QEPs OnlyGlobal Monetary-4.03%20.98% $5,000,000MS Trend / Counter-Trend Components
EMC Capital Advisors   QEPs OnlyAlpha Plus -1.89%8.17% $3,000,000L-Term / Macro Trends / Diversified
Alpha -0.76%5.06% $5,000,000L-Term / Macro Trends / Diversified
Balance Prg-0.22%-8.71% $3,000,000Trend Following / Diversified
Classic-1.66%25.03% $5,000,000Trend Following / Diversified
Emil Van Essen   Emil Van Essen is now Katonah Eve   $0Visit Katonah Eve
Equidex, Inc.   QEPs OnlyPEP2.52%5.09% $500,000Systematic / M to L-Term / Diversified
Essex Capital Mgt   S&P Option Selling 0.10%0.80% $20,000Discretionary S&P Option Seller
Estlander & Partners   QEPs OnlyAlpha Trend0.53%7.94% $30,000,000Systematic / Trend / Global / Diversified
Freedom Programme-0.56%-12.26% $20,000,000Systematic / Fundamental / Diversified
Evergreen Commodity A.   Disc. Energy5.02%-1.55% $100,000Discretionary / Short-Term / Energy
FALGOM_AG   Non-US InvestorsTARO® Diversified   SFr.10,000
Finalyze Capital LLC   Institutional Program0.45%-3.05% $2,500,000Multi-Strategy / Diversified
Institutional Program (C)0.25%-2.95% $2,500,000Multi-Strategy / Diversified
Retail Program-1.27%-8.82% $500,000Short Term Mean Reversion / Diversified
Four Seasons   Hawkeye Spread0.11%1.70% $500,000Fundamental / Spreads / Ags & Livestock
FTC Capital GmbH   Futures Fund Classic EUR-2.37%15.82% €100,000Global / Systematic Long-Short
Futures Fund Classic USD-2.09%16.82% $250,000Global / Systematic Long-Short
FTC Gideon I-3.57%-4.26% €10,000Equity Fund of Funds / Multi Strategy
Future Trade AG   QEPs OnlyGVI Diversified Volatility Program4.75%1.18% $1,000,000Systematic / Volatility
GAIA Capital Mgt Ltd   ECP or Non-USGAIA FX+2.21%-0.48% $250,000Systematic / FOREX / Short Term
Global Bayesian Dynamics   QEPs OnlyBond & FX0.06%-8.45% $3,000,000Bayesian Forecasting
Multi-Strategy -4.72%-9.49% $5,000,000Bayesian Forecasting
Risk Parity +-2.24%-15.05% $3,000,000Bayesian Forecasting
SBF -2.13%-8.95% $3,000,000Bayesian Forecasting
Goldman Mgt   QEPs OnlyStock Index-0.24%-11.51% $350,000Quantitative / Stock Indices
Stock Index (P)-0.14%-11.46% $350,000Quantitative / Stock Indices
Greenwave Capital   QEPs OnlyFlagship Plus-0.83%-4.14% $1,000,000Discretionary / Short-Term / Global Macro
Flagship Plus 2X-1.51%-7.50% $300,000Discretionary / Short-Term / Global Macro
Gregory P. Asset Mgt   AMS-2.13%-9.55% $500,000Spread Trading / Mean Reversion / Ags, Meats
SS&O-9.21%-8.32% $50,000Spreads & Options / Diversified
GT Capital CTA   Dynamic Trading1.95%8.78% $150,000Fundamental / Technical / Diversified
GT Dynamic Trading (P)5.57%19.07% $150,000Fundamental / Technical / Diversified
Systematic Day Trading 3.70%15.49% $60,000Systematic / Intraday / Diversified
Hamer Trading Inc   Diversified Systematic Prg-3.33%25.75% $3,000,000Systematic / LT Trend / Diversified
HiProb Capital Mgt   QEPs OnlyNeutral1.20%4.43% $500,000Index Option Spreads
HPX Financial   Old School 0.32%-0.25% $200,000Discretionary / Fundamental
Incline Investment   QEPs OnlyCrystal Bay Ubitrend-4.21%32.40% $250,000Systematic / Trend Following / Diversified
J.D. Turner Capital, LLC   Diversified Trend Following7.08%15.39% $100,000Trend Following / Diversified
Jaguar Inv.   QEPs OnlyAegir Strategy2.22%7.22% $1,000,000Commodity Relative-Value / Energy
John Locke Invsts   QEPs OnlyC. Systematic UCITS - Class C-1.51%-5.18% $100,000Pattern Recognition / Diversified
C. Systematic UCITS - Class I-1.57%-6.01% €500,000Pattern Recognition / Diversified
Katonah Eve   QEPs OnlyGTAP-1.09%1.02% $4,000,000Systematic / Macro Trends / Diversified
Katonah Laplace ML Program2.02%14.30% $5,000,000Global Systematic Futures Hedge Fund
L/S Accelerated0.51%61.93% $200,000S to M-Term / Systematic / Disc. Overlay
Spread Trading Ltd-9.56%-9.56% $5,000,000Calendar Spreads / Discretionary
KeyQuant SAS   QEPs OnlyKey Trends -4.70%-5.89% $10,000,000Systematic / Diversified
Kopis Capital   QEPs OnlyCommodity LS14.85%84.46% $1,000,000Systematic / Multilevel Cross Valuation Strategy / Diversified
Leon Capital Mgt LLC   Macro One-2.94%-2.94% $100,000Systematic / Macro / Diversified
Lyncestis LLP   Non-US InvestorsFX Basket Quant 1.22%3.23% $100,000Systematic / Quantitative / G10 Currencies
FX Index Arb 1.04%3.50% $100,000Interbank Trader
FX Quant 110.77%2.25% $100,000Quantitative Analysis / FX
V1-1.70%-2.82% $100,000Arbitrage Trading Strategy / Equities
M&R Capital LLC   Livestock -6.31%-10.12% $100,000Fundamental / Livestock
Martin Fund Mgt LP   QEPs OnlyRelative Value Ag Options1.84%-0.97% $1,000,000Discretionary / Systematic Guidance / Softs & Ags
McMillan Analysis Corp   QEPs OnlyVolatility Capture CTA1.22%2.83% $100,000Option Writing / S&P 500
Melissinos Trading   QEP's OnlyEupatrid6.37%20.42% $500,000Systematic Trend / Diversified
Mercantile Analytics   Asset Allocation Prg-1.09%-8.77% $300,000Systematic / Long Only / Diversified
Global Diversified Commodity 0.35%1.02% $500,000Systematic / Trend Following / Diversified
Meyers Capital   QEPs OnlyMCAP Aggressive Edge-2.01%0.09% $100,000Fundamental / Diversified
Strategic Edge-2.10%16.93% $100,000Fundamental / Diversified
Mobius Asset Mgt   MCR (C)-3.90%-2.83% $150,000Discretionary / Diversified
X-Ceed -4.70%-4.15% $150,000Discretionary / Diversified
Moddco Capital Associates   MCA Strategy (P)27.01%-0.93% $50,000Trend Following / Diversified
Molinero Capital Management LLC   QEPs OnlyCommo+0.41%2.90% $3,000,000Agricultural Specialist Program
Mulvaney Capital   QEPs OnlyMF Prg-2.18%83.69% $10,000,000Systematic Trend Follower
Northern Capital Partners   Spread Prg (P&C)0.00%-5.33% $250,000Spread Trading / Energies, Ags & Meats
Numberline Capital Partners, LLC   Macro Risk (C)1.35%-6.42% $100,000Macro / Indices, Energy, FX Futures, Metals, Financials
Macro Risk (P)1.05%-5.68% $100,000Macro / Indices, Energy, FX Futures, Metals, Financials
NuWave Investment   Short-Term Futures Portfolio-1.12%4.84% $5,000,000
NWOne   NWOne Diversified Strategy 2.42%9.80% $350,000Directional / Calendar Spreads / Intraday / Diversified
O'Brien Investment Group   QEPs OnlyQuantitative GM Futures2.89%18.49% $3,000,000Quantitative / Global Macro / Diversified
Opus Futures, LLC   Advanced Ag0.77%10.83% $200,000Fundamental / Grains & Oilseeds
Orbits Venture Inc   Risk Sigma No. 21.19%4.47% $125,000Option Writer / S-Term / S&P
Orion Capital Advisors, Inc.   Beta Opportunity (Client)-2.99%-3.47% $100,000Systematic / Macro / Stock Index
Beta Opportunity Strategy-3.49%-4.41% $100,000Systematic / Macro / Stock Index
Pak Capital, LLC   QEPs OnlyCurrency Prg0.00%-0.91% $200,000Discretionary Directional Momentum / Currency
Parizek Capital   Futures Trading-4.68%24.09% $1,000,000Systematic LT Trend Following
Praus Capital Mgt   Quantiative Strategies I-2.76%-7.37% $200,000Systematic / Intraday
Purple Valley   Div. Trend 17.41%81.39% $100,000Global Macro Trend-Following / Diversified
QCM   QEPs OnlySystematic Macro -1.36%13.04% $500,000Systematic / Global Macro / Diversified
QDRA   Dynamic Macro-1.30%10.60% $5,000,000Systematic / Trend Following LLC   Alpha Beta Program-0.16%-26.16% $100,000Trend Following / Stock Indices & Bonds
QTS Capital Mgt   QEPs OnlyChimera MAP14.84%-2.16% $200,000Intraday E-Mini / VIX Timing
Tail Reaper MAP-14.98%-9.01% $500,000Systematic / Intraday / E Mini
Theta Scraper4.11%-13.80% $100,000Systematic / Option Writing / E Mini
Quantica Capital AG   QEPs OnlyMAP2.74%16.37% $5,000,000Systematic / Currencies, Financials, Indices
Quantitative Invst Mgt LLC   QEPs OnlyGlobal0.68%21.63% $20,000,000Quantitative / Diversified
Quest Partners LLC   QEPs OnlyAQO-0.80%23.62% $20,000,000Short-Term / Momentum / Diversified
R Best, LLC   Institutional-1.74%4.44% $250,000S-Term / Systematic / Treasury & Equities
Private Client (C)-1.86%10.72% $50,000S-Term / Systematic / Treasury & Equities
World Select-1.48%20.35% $2,000,000Systematic / Long Short / Diversified
Ravinia Investment Mgt   Algorithmic Multi-Strategy0.05%-10.15% $100,000Algorithmic / Multi Strategy / Indices & Financials
Rcube Asset Mgt SAS   QEPs OnlyAquanthus Premia-1.87%-1.87% $1,000,000Systematic Macro-Risk Premia
RDAA Strategy-1.82%-1.82% $500,000Spreads / Grains, Oilseeds, Softs & Meats
Red Rock Capital   Commodity L/S-2.22%22.48% $500,000Systematic / Short Term / Diversified
Sys. Global Macro-2.94%5.34% $500,000LT Trend Following / Diversified
Trend Dynamics-10.79%8.92% $250,000Trend Following / Globally Diversified
Regulus Global Advisors   Regulus Diversified -5.56%4.15% $50,000Trend-Following / Proprietary Overlay / Diversified
Revolution Capital Mgt   QEPs OnlyAlpha Prg2.27%6.64% $5,000,000Multi-Systematic / Globally Diversified
Mosaic Inst'l-0.31%4.69% $25,000,000Short Term Systematic / Diversified
ROE Capital Management, Inc.   Omnium-0.08%-3.07% $50,000Quantitative / Market Timing / Stock Indices
Statera Micro (C)1.16%18.51% $10,000Systematic / Short-Term / E-Micros
Statera Micro (P)1.52%19.49% $10,000Systematic / Short-Term / E-Micros
Statera MR2.91%19.95% $100,000
Synthesis 2.03%-6.18% $100,000Quantitative / Market Timing / Stock Indices
Rosetta   QEPs OnlyTrading Prg-0.25%-3.09% $250,000Fundamental / Ag & Livestock
Rotella Capital Mgt   QEPs OnlyQdeck ML Tactical Volatility-1.93%-13.77% $1,500,000Systematic / Long-only Volatility Futures with Equity Hedge
Qdeck Systematic Trend0.00%-1.66% $5,000,000Systematic / Trend Following / Diversified
Qdeck Tactical Long-biased Vol-2.12%-3.71% $1,500,000Systematic / Volatility Futures with Equity Hedge
Qdeck Commodity Beta Plus Carry6.19%13.28% $2,000,000Systematic / Long-Short / Liquid Commodities
Qdeck Long-Short Commodity-1.65%2.45% $2,000,000Systematic Long-Short / Commodities
Qdeck Micro Commodity-10.47%17.81% $50,000Trend-Following / Machine Learning
Qdeck ML Commodity6.19%13.20% $500,000Algorithmic / Machine Learning / Liquid Commodities
Qdeck Short-Term Momentum0.25%-11.17% $2,000,000Short-Term / Momentum / Interest Rates / Equity Index / FX
Qdeck Tactical Commodity-3.32%16.18% $50,000Trend-Following / Machine Learning / Metals Energies & Ags
Sandpiper Asset   QEPs OnlyGlobal Macro -13.72%7.23% $1,000,000Diversified Global Macro
Schindler Capital Management, LLC   Dairy Adv.-5.06%3.54% $400,000Fundamental / Ag & Livestock
Institutional Dairy Adv.-4.47%11.15% $2,000,000Fundamental / Ag & Livestock
Sector Arc   Global Lean Hog Ag0.66%-0.98% $250,000Fundamental / Hogs
Senaca Capital   Ascinaa G10 Cur Futures0.09%0.30% $100,000Pattern Recognition / Short-Term / G10 Currencies
Sigma Advanced Capital Mgt   QEPs OnlyCarbon Neutral Alpha-1.92%-1.93% $1,200,000Carbon Emission Allowances & Futures & Options
GAFS0.87%-5.63% $400,000Diversified Futures & Spreads
SinoPacAM   QEPs OnlySinoPacAM-SQMF2.94%-1.39% $5,000,000Multi-Strategy / Quantitative / Diversified
Six Alpha   ES Program-0.17%-15.81% $250,000Systematic / Multi-Strategy / Stock Index
Soaring Pelican   Blended Advantage-0.62%6.86% $125,000Multi-Strategy / Multi-Time Frame / S&P 500
Diversified S&P1.03%10.51% $100,000Multi-System Stock Index
Overnight Advantage-8.52%-10.59% $12,500Trend Based Mean Reversion / S-Term / Stock Index
Southwest Man. Inv.   Global Div.-6.56%3.62% $200,000Trend Following / Diversified
SpreadEdge Capital, LLC   Ag Seasonal Spread 6.19%-0.08% $100,000Systematic Agricultural Spread Trading
Diversified Seasonal Spread 9.42%3.17% $100,000Systematic Diversified Spread Trading
Energy Seasonal Spread3.28%3.22% $100,000Discretionary / Seasonal Spreads / Energies
Inter-Comm. Seasonal Spreads-4.07%-22.50% $100,000Discretionary / Long Short / Diversified
Spring Valley Asset Mgt   QEPs OnlySVAM Commodity Advantage0.52%1.35% $1,000,000Systematic Trend Following / Diversified
SVAM Tactical Trend -0.65%13.05% $1,000,000Systematic Trend Following / Diversified
Statar Capital LLC   QEPs OnlyNG Strategy3.49%56.37% $50,000,000Relative Value / Volatility / Natural Gas
Stein Investment Mgt.   Trading Evolution-4.77%4.16% $500,000Multi-strategy / Short-term
Strategic Capital Advisors   QEPs OnlyContrarian 5005.92%5.04% $1,000,000Contrarian / Stock Indexes
Cross Asset Prg-2.08%-2.65% $500,000Alpha Source Momentum / Diversified
Strategic Commodities -2.23%-4.17% $500,000Contrarian / Stock Indexes
Tactical Investment   QEPs OnlyInst. Cmdy -2.71%15.33% $10,000,000Long Term Trend Following / Diversified
Tanyard Creek Capital, LLC   Livestock2.44%6.99% $200,000Fundamental / Livestock / Futures & Options
The Great O'Neill   QEPs OnlyGreat O'Neill14.56%44.35% $500,000Discretionary / Fundamental / Softs & Energy
Third Street AG Invsts   QEPs OnlyFundamental AG0.01%0.86% $500,000Discretionary / Fundamental / Grains
THS Capital Mgt   Accelerated Trend Following-3.86%-3.05% $100,000Systematic with Discretionary Overlay / Diversified
Accelerated Trend Following-3.86%-3.05% $100,000Systematic with Discretionary Overlay / Diversified
Diversified Trend Following-1.18%-1.40% $250,000Systematic with Discretionary Overlay / Diversified
Diversified Trend Following-1.18%-1.40% $250,000Systematic with Discretionary Overlay / Diversified
Tomas Capital   QEPs OnlyGCAF | USD-3.66%39.76% $1,500,000Systematic / Trend Following / Diversified
Trigon Invst Advisors   QEPs OnlyDisc. Macro-0.13%-0.74% $5,000,000Discretionary / Financials, Currencies, Indices
Turk Capital LLC   QEPs OnlyTactical Strategy1.68%-4.95% $100,000Systematic / Tactical Risk Mgt / S&P 500
U.S. Equity Long Short -0.05%-11.28% $100,000Systematic / Market Timer / Stock Indices
US Market Hedge Strategy-0.05%-5.95% $250,000Systematic / Stock Index
Vernon Capital Partners   QEPs OnlyFundamental Volatility6.13%-6.28% $500,000Systematic / Short-Term / VIX
Warrington Asset Mgt   Tactical -0.12%-0.31% $500,000Discretionary / Option Writer / Stock Indices
WaveFront Global Asset Mgt   QEPs OnlyGlobal Investment-2.47%30.76% $2,000,000Systematic Diversified Trend
Wharton Capital Mgt   Ag Futures -0.37%0.85% $100,000Discretionary / Fundamental / Ags
White River   Dynamic S&P Options2.13%4.40% $50,000US Equity Index Futures & Options
Institutional Options Strategy1.84%4.47% $50,000Discretionary / S&P 500 / Futures & Options
SI Option Writing2.81%-0.43% $20,000Index Option Writer
Wimmer Capital Mgt   QEPs OnlyWimmer Horizon LLP-3.19%5.67% $5,000,000Systematic Trend Follower / Diversified
Winoma   QEPs OnlyFX Growth 2.12%20.78% $100,000Trend Following / FX
FX Growth (P)1.04%8.07% $100,000Trend Following / FX
World Cup Advisor   Andrea Unger Micro 50039.34%-20.00% $8,000Systematic Counter Trend & Trend Following
Brent Carlile Multi-Asset Prg5.67%36.76% $10,000Macro, Price Action / Indicies, Treasuries, Metals, Energies, Currencies & Grains
Jürg Diemand Volatility Patterns-3.14%-19.27% $21,384Machine Learning / Quantitative / VIX
Jan Smolen Alpha Dynamic Plus10.84%-39.92% $10,023Fundamental / Indices, Financials, Metals & Energies
Jan Smolen Gold Standard-0.34%-9.52% €4,600Discretionary / Fundamental / Metals & Currencies
Larry Williams China Gold-0.73%-21.51% $20,000Pattern Recognition / Spreads / Gold
Larry Williams E-Mini S&P-4.14%-22.74% $20,000Systematic / E-mini S&P Futures
Marek Chrastina Quantum 309.05%-1.49% $18,000Systematic/Low Frequency/Directional Trading
Petra Ilona Zacek Eclipse 26.60%-37.11% $10,000Discretionary
R. Alderson Intermediate Swing-2.39%-22.51% $10,000Discretionary / Financials, Grains, Metals, Currencies, Meats, Softs & Energies
Yuwen Cao CC US Futures-7.74%-0.68% $22,091Trend Following / Currencies, Enegies, Metals, Grains & Indices