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- Autumn Gold CTA List

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Note: Programs marked QEPs Only are only available to Qualified Eligible Clients.
Manager / CTA
Last Return
YTD Return
Min Invst
Trading Strategy
GCMF -1.16%-1.29% $200,000Discetionary / Fundamental / Diversified
AG Capital Investments   QEPs OnlyGlobal Macro1.58%-2.81% $5,000,000Discetionary / Fundamental / Diversified
Global Macro 1.5X18.75%15.06% $5,000,000Discetionary / Fundamental / Diversified
Algocentric Capital LLC   QEPs OnlyAlgo I (P&C)-4.39%-31.53% $100,000Diversified Trend Following
Algo II-7.96%-25.04% $200,000Diversified Trend Following
Algo III-19.78%-21.34% $200,000Diversified Trend Following
Astute Capital Group   Pulse Program (P&C)18.61%2.51% $200,000Systematic / Currency & Indices
Bensboro Advisors LLC   QEPs OnlySeasonal Spread2.09%10.22% $500,000Seasonal Futures Spreads
Breakout Funds LLC   QEPs OnlyManaged Program3.05%3.05% $5,000,000Macro Discretionary with Systematic Overlay / Diversified
Buckingham Global Adv.   SEP Program0.54%5.94% $60,000ST / Systematic / Option Writer / E Mini
WEP0.03%2.34% $200,000ST / Systematic / Option Writer / E Mini
Camkay Capital Mgt   Crisis Alpha Intraday-1.75%2.52% $100,000Intraday / Stock Market Indices
Carbide Capital Inc   Absolute Return 0.02%11.34% $200,000Disc. / Options / Broad Equity Indices
Certeza Asset Mgmt   QEPs OnlyMacro Vega-0.02%-0.16% $1,000,000Statistical Arb / VIX
Coloma Capital Futures   QEPs OnlyHedged Volatility1.60%11.04% $250,000Volatility Trading in VIX Futures
Sep A/C0.10%12.29% $1,000,000Discretionary / Spread / Commodities
Covenant Capital Mgt   Hedged Equity-9.93%-39.31% $250,000Systematic / Equity / Volatility / S&P 500
Long Volatility-1.25%-3.45% $250,000Long Volatility / Long Spreads Butterflies / VIX
Short Premium 0.09%-8.67% $250,000Option Selling / Volatility / S&P 500 Options
Total Volatility Program2.68%-5.60% $200,000Volatility / Stock Indices
Crescent Bay   Conservative Growth0.44%-3.24% $10,000Option Seller / Index Options
Diamond Capital Mgt   Enhanced S&P -0.66%-8.74% $100,000Trend / Option Writing / Indexes
Ditsch Trading   Discretionary-1.63%16.88% $100,000Fundamental / Agricultural
Dunn Capital   QEPs OnlyWMA Institutional2.09%26.83% $25,000,000LT Trend Following / Revsersal
WMA4.05%60.24% $10,000,000LT Trend Following / Revsersal
Finalyze Capital LLC   Institutional Program0.46%-3.31% $2,500,000Multi-Strategy / Diversified
Institutional Program (C)0.24%-0.57% $2,500,000Multi-Strategy / Diversified
Retail Program0.28%-9.76% $500,000Short Term Mean Reversion / Diversified
Four Seasons   Hawkeye Spread0.09%2.79% $500,000Fundamental / Spreads / Ags & Livestock
GAIA Capital Mgt Ltd   ECP or Non-USGAIA FX+1.41%1.41% $250,000Systematic / FOREX / Short Term
Global Capital Markets Fund Mgt LLC   Global Capital Markets Fund-1.60%-1.73% $5,000,000GCM Fund - Discretionary Global Macro 1.5X
Goldman Mgt   QEPs OnlyStock Index-4.36%-17.14% $350,000Quantitative / Stock Indices
Stock Index (P)-4.35%-17.19% $350,000Quantitative / Stock Indices
Gregory P. Asset Mgt   SS&O1.17%-9.27% $50,000Spreads & Options / Diversified
GT Capital CTA   Dynamic Trading2.02%14.44% $150,000Fundamental / Technical / Diversified
GT Dynamic Trading (P)2.90%29.03% $150,000Fundamental / Technical / Diversified
Systematic Day Trading -2.56%13.82% $60,000Systematic / Intraday / Diversified
Jaguar Inv.   QEPs OnlyAegir Strategy0.27%0.27% $1,000,000Commodity Relative-Value / Energy
M&R Capital LLC   Livestock 1.67%0.18% $100,000Fundamental / Livestock
Martin Fund Mgt LP   QEPs OnlyRelative Value Ag Options4.64%4.64% $1,000,000Discretionary / Systematic Guidance / Softs & Ags
McMillan Analysis Corp   QEPs OnlyVolatility Capture CTA0.34%1.25% $100,000Option Writing / S&P 500
Pearl Capital Advisors   QEPs OnlyPearl Dry Powder 0.00%0.00% $250,000Systematic / Relative Value / Tail Risk / Indices & VIX
Hedged VIX-3.30%-3.30% $500,000Systematic / Relative Value / Indices
Pearl Synergy Program1.50%2.90% $1,500,000Relative Value / Volatility / Tail Risk / Indices & VIX
Pearl Tactical Growth-4.80%-4.80% $500,000Systematic / Relative Value / Tail Risk / Indices & VIX
Praus Capital Mgt   Quantiative Strategies I0.31%-7.08% $200,000Systematic / Intraday
Princeton Investments & Tech   Commodity Arbitrage Plus -0.93%-2.67% $500,000Commodity Calendar Spreads & Stock Index Futures Trading
QCM   QEPs OnlySystematic Macro -3.38%11.51% $500,000Systematic / Global Macro / Diversified
Quest Partners LLC   QEPs OnlyAQO1.31%25.24% $20,000,000Short-Term / Momentum / Diversified
R Best, LLC   Institutional1.61%7.53% $250,000S-Term / Systematic / Treasury & Equities
Private Client (C)2.96%31.70% $50,000S-Term / Systematic / Treasury & Equities
World Select-3.50%20.86% $2,000,000Systematic / Long Short / Diversified
Ravinia Investment Mgt   Algorithmic Multi-Strategy4.52%4.52% $100,000Algorithmic / Multi Strategy / Indices & Financials
Red Rock Capital   Commodity L/S0.75%8.73% $500,000Systematic / Short Term / Diversified
Sys. Global Macro-4.25%3.09% $500,000LT Trend Following / Diversified
Trend Dynamics-2.85%8.51% $250,000Trend Following / Globally Diversified
Revolution Capital Mgt   QEPs OnlyAlpha Prg-1.30%9.69% $5,000,000Multi-Systematic / Globally Diversified
Mosaic Inst'l0.00%11.21% $25,000,000Short Term Systematic / Diversified
Talon Program FOR RESEARCH ONLY2.68%25.50% $25,000,000
Schindler Capital Management, LLC   Dairy Adv.-6.38%-6.38% $400,000Fundamental / Ag & Livestock
Institutional Dairy Adv.-3.81%-3.81% $2,000,000Fundamental / Ag & Livestock
Sector Arc   Global Lean Hog Ag0.28%-1.59% $250,000Fundamental / Hogs
Six Alpha   ES Program-2.65%-18.00% $250,000Systematic / Multi-Strategy / Stock Index
Soaring Pelican   Diversified S&P1.89%16.03% $100,000Multi-System Stock Index
SpreadEdge Capital, LLC   Ag Seasonal Spread 1.22%1.84% $100,000Systematic Agricultural Spread Trading
Diversified Seasonal Spread 2.81%11.64% $100,000Systematic Diversified Spread Trading
Energy Seasonal Spread1.40%9.16% $100,000Discretionary / Seasonal Spreads / Energies
Inter-Comm. Seasonal Spreads7.08%-3.84% $100,000Discretionary / Long Short / Diversified
Spring Valley Asset Mgt   QEPs OnlySVAM Commodity Advantage0.52%1.35% $1,000,000Systematic Trend Following / Diversified
SVAM Tactical Trend -1.30%13.36% $1,000,000Systematic Trend Following / Diversified
R - Statar Capital LLC   QEPs OnlyNG Strategy15.96%30.13% $150,000,000Relative Value / Volatility / Natural Gas
Tactical Investment   QEPs OnlyInst. Cmdy 1.45%10.41% $10,000,000Long Term Trend Following / Diversified
Tanyard Creek Capital, LLC   Livestock-0.40%4.23% $200,000Fundamental / Livestock / Futures & Options
THS Capital Mgt   Accelerated Trend Following5.34%-14.08% $100,000Systematic with Discretionary Overlay / Diversified
Diversified Trend Following2.08%-3.76% $250,000Systematic with Discretionary Overlay / Diversified
Tlaloc Capital, LLC   QEPs OnlyGrains Program-4.92%-11.20% $1,000,000Fundamental / Agriculture
Tom Silman d.b.a. THS Capital Mgt   Accelerated Trend Following-8.11%-10.91% $100,000Systematic with Discretionary Overlay / Diversified
Diversified Trend Following-2.72%-4.08% $250,000Systematic with Discretionary Overlay / Diversified
Turk Capital LLC   QEPs OnlyTactical Strategy1.68%-4.95% $100,000Systematic / Tactical Risk Mgt / S&P 500
U.S. Equity Long Short -4.84%-18.41% $100,000Systematic / Market Timer / Stock Indices
US Market Hedge Strategy-2.60%-9.71% $250,000Systematic / Stock Index
Warrington Asset Mgt   Tactical 0.10%0.10% $500,000Discretionary / Option Writer / Stock Indices
Wharton Capital Mgt   Ag Futures 1.30%10.91% $100,000Discretionary / Fundamental / Ags
Wimmer Capital Mgt   QEPs OnlyWimmer Horizon LLP-1.51%22.75% $5,000,000Systematic Trend Follower / Diversified