Top 10 CTAs For Nov 2016
  Top 10 Option Traders for Nov 2016
M&R Capital LLC - Discretionary Program 11.47%
Red Oak Advisors, Inc. - Fund. Prg 7.90%
Hyman Beck - Global Portfolio 7.77%
Parkestone Capital Mgt - Collision Methodology 7.01%
Southwest Man. Inv. - Global Div. 6.17%
Beach Horizon LLP - Beach Horizon LLP 6.07%
Trigon Invst Advisors - Disc. Macro 5.86%
Claughton Capital - Institutional 5.36%
Anderson Creek Trading - Standard Diversified 5.08%
Estlander & Partners - Freedom Programme 4.86%
GNE Management - S&P Futures & Options 4.44%
QuantScape - US Eq Indx 4.01%
Bluenose Capital Mgt - BNC EI 3.51%
Bluenose Capital Mgt - BNC BI 3.12%
Acorn Global Investments - Diversified 2.97%
Buckingham Global Adv. - Emini 2.10%
White River - Dynamic S&P Options 1.85%
White River - SI Option Writing 1.67%
Carbide Capital Inc - Absolute Return 1.52%
Crescent Bay - Balanced Volatility 1.19%
  (Excludes QEP CTAs)  (Excludes QEP CTAs)

Our partners

Kim Avery has been the CEO of Autumn Gold since 1997. She has worked as an independent money raiser for Renaissance Technologies from September 1992 through July 1998 and was Director of Manager Futures at Balfour Maclaine International (UK) Ltd. from March 1983 to February 1992. Ms. Avery has extensive experience in developing CTAs, financial marketing, and portfolio analysis. She is the author of "Building Wealth with Managed Futures."

Christopher Blair has been Vice President and Director of Operations since January 2009. He runs the day to day operations of the firm and is responsible for customer service & development. Mr. Blair has extensive management and operational experience.

Joey Julius of Visual Sherpa is an Autumn Gold strategic partner. Joey is an award-winning Los Angeles based director, shooting and directing national commericals for over 18 years. Mentored by some of the undustry’s top talent, Joey has gone on to craft projects for brands such as United Airlines, Ford, GM, Mazda, Telepictures, Time Warner, Brietling, Hanger, Interscope, and the US Marine Corps. The Visual Sherpa team provides expertise in production and global marketing campaigns and placement.