Listing Requirements & Reporting Help

Who Can List?

We accept all Commodity Trading Advisors that are:

  • Registered the NFA
  • Exempt CTAs & CPOs that have filed an exemption with the NFA - These programs will be marked as "Exempt"
  • Offshore CTAs & CPOs not registered with the NFA - Offshore managers should be registered with the appropriate agency within their jurisdiction. These programs will be marked as "For Non-US Investors Only"
  • Managers should seek legal or compliance advice in regards to specific regulations regarding listing on the Autumn Gold site
  • Autumn Gold retains the right to decline to list any CTA for any reason.

What is the cost of listing with Autumn Gold?

There is no cost for NFA members to list on Autumn Gold. The cost for Non-NFA Members is $88.00

Why List your Program with Autumn Gold?

Autumn Gold is an independent firm that provides open-access information on Commodity Trading Advisors. Users are not required to register in order to view your information or ranking reports. Our site is used by retail, qualified and institutional investors as well as brokers, FCMs and asset allocators. We have outlets in Europe and China. Listing on Autumn Gold gives you exposure to potential investors that may never find your information directly.

Once registered and approved, Manager's will able to view their listing and have access their own tear-sheets / Leaf Report.

Performance Guidelines

  • CTAs may list their net client performance & assets under managment
  • CTAs may list their proprietary performance & assets under management - proprietary performance will be marked as "Proprietary"
    Proprietary & Client performance should be separated
  • CTAs may list hypothetical performance in our Restricted Section - hypothetical performance will be marked as "Hypothetical" and contain the standard hypothetical disclaimer.
  • Autumn Gold calculates yearly returns on an Annualized Compounded Rate of Return basis. If you are required to report on a non-compounded basis please let us know and we will add the appropriate disclosure.
  • All performance should match the performance listed in the CTA's most recent disclosure document.
  • Any changes in performance should be reported to Autumn Gold in a timely manner.

Getting your Program Listed

CTAs wishing to list their program should complete either the Add your CTA Form or Add your Fund Form. The CTA Form is for Manager's wishing to raise individual managed accounts and asks for information such as round turns, margin to equity ratio and trading style and markets trader. The Fund form is for any "pooled investment" focuses asks information such as monthly additions & withdrawals, administrator, domicile. Completing the proper form will speed the process. Please note that Funds are listed in the Fund's section. Access is limited to registered accredited or qualified investors. Once you complete your form e-mail your latest disclosure document, monthly performance, monthly assets under management and your logo, if available, to [email protected] Don't forget to add us to your monthly distribution list. Once your information has been reviewed and entered you will receive a confirming e-mail from us providing you with access to your Manager's Login. You can add your own monthly performance or send us your monthly updates.

Adding a New Program

If you already have a program listed with Autumn Gold you can add a new program by first logging into our Managers Login and then choosing the Add New Program Link.